Blossom Hill Road and Route 22 Intersection Update

Over more than a year and a half, the Township has been pressing the NJ DOT to correct deficiencies and issues with their redesign of the intersection of Blossom Hill Road and Route 22.  During this time, we have provided feedback to the DOT from numerous residents, the Township’s engineer, and held an on-site meeting with our Police Department and the DOT.

Issues with drainage in the intersection delayed the final construction and traffic signage and striping plans, which have recently been made available to the Township and are posted at the links below:

Click HERE for Construction Plan

Click HERE for Traffic Signage and Striping Plan

At a high level, the corrections to the intersection design will include:

  • the addition of concrete curbing and a concrete island in the middle of the intersection (where the yellow barrels are currently located) with 4ft tall yellow delineators spaced about 4ft apart;
  • the addition of a small island on Blossom Hill Rd. to guide traffic onto Rt 22 westbound;
  • the addition of better signage in appropriate locations;
  • the addition of striping to bring the turn lanes into better alignment with Blossom Hill Rd.

These plans reflect what the DOT was able to accommodate in addressing our concerns while adhering to the NJ DOT’s design guidelines.  The Township will continue to pursue the addition of street lighting at the intersection to improve visibility at night, as well as monitor the timing of the light at Corporate Drive.

The project has been released to the DOT’s contractor for construction and is queued for scheduling.  As soon as we have a firm date for the start of construction, we will post it to the Township’s website.