Form of Government

council chambers

The Township of Clinton's government consists of a Mayor and four Council members, all elected at-large. The Mayor exercises executive authority and appoints Council Committees as well as personnel for various statutory municipal positions such as Clerk and Assessor. The Mayor also presides at meetings of the Council and has a vote but no veto power. The Township Council is the legislative body of Clinton Township's government and must confirm the Mayor's appointments to the statutory positions described above.

Beyond these positions, the Council can make their own appointments. Other major powers of the Council include considering and adopting ordinances, resolutions and the annual budget. This form of Government is known as "Plan C", one of various options within the "Small Municipality Plan" among possible new categories of municipal charters. These new models of government came about by the "Faulkner Act", which was legislation resulting from a commission report to reform the traditional but outmoded forms of municipal government in New Jersey. The Township has various full-time departments as well as volunteer committees that work with the Mayor and Council toward the implementation of policies and actions to provide the necessary services to the community and to enhance the quality of life that make the Township a great place to live and work.

Acting Township Clerk
Lindsay Heller
Phone: (908) 735-8800 x210
1225 Route 31 South
Lebanon, NJ 08833
8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday