JCP&L Reliability Investments

Infrastructure Investment Program (IIP)

JCP&L recently completed an Infrastructure Investment Program (IIP), which provided an additional $97 million in targeted investments aimed at enhancing reliability to the company’s electric distribution system.  

At its core, the IIP included projects that replaced existing equipment with new smart technology devices and expanded the tree trimming/vegetation management program to address tree-related outages. 

Clinton Township has benefited from the recent IIP with the following reliability improvements:

  • 23 TripSaver devices were installed in Clinton Township.  The TripSavers limit the frequency, duration, and scope of service interruptions by acting much like a circuit breaker does in your house. As an added benefit, they automatically re-energize a power line within seconds to keep power flowing to customers. The device's smart technology quickly pinpoints the location of the electrical fault and helps utility personnel identify it and restore power. TripSavers allow us to more quickly isolate damage, limit the number of customers affected and allow for a faster start to the repair process.
  • JCP&L performed additional tree trimming and removal of overhang limbs in the area of the Lebanon substation.  This trimming was an expansion beyond typical vegetation management to help reduce tree-related outages in this area, which includes portions of Clinton Township.  Our trimming program operates on a 4-year cycle, trimming back any new growth along our circuits. 
  • Additional projects were completed to benefit Clinton Township, however Homeland Security guidelines require details on these additional projects be kept confidential.   

2022 Tree Trimming in Clinton Township:

In addition to the measures above, JCP&L continues an aggressive tree trimming program.  We trim along our substation circuits every four years.  There are four substations that serve Clinton Township: we are trimming along the Lebanon Substation and Glen Gardner Substation circuits this year, the Clinton Township Substation circuits were trimmed last year, and circuits out of the Stanton Substation are scheduled for 2024.